My name is Guy and I am a professional software developer.

With 4 years experience in Software and 7+ years in Computer networks -

Learn how I can help with your project:

End to End software development

  • Web-apps and Frontend - From simple sites to complex SPAs with Redux, IndexedDB and WebAPIs.
  • Backend - Whether it's existing code or design your architecture from scratch.
  • Mobile Apps - Native Android and iOS and/or Flutter, I can help you decide.
  • IoT and embedded - Build edge devices that work with Modems or connect to CANBUS.
  • Mobile Telephony Core - If your application requires connectivity to SMS/Mobility services or you implement such software yourself, I am your man!
  • Protocols - I can help you implement any network or application protocol.

Technology & Research

  • Core Network Design - I can help you design & implement cloud-based core networks to serve and protect your applications and/or developers.
  • Hacking - not Cracking - I can help your team find, study and evaluate new technologies in any topic.
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